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The health, financial and social needs for older adults are different and more complicated than those of any other age group. With more people living longer, we are already beginning to see changes in how seniors function, various forms of alternative senior housing and new approaches to overall health care for older adults.
Therese Castler

Therese Casler has personal experience caring for her aging parents while caring for her children. She understands what families are going through and can help you navigate the resources for older adults experiencing change. Let Therese be your compass and together you can chart a new course as the changes occur.

Therese will meet with you to begin the process of identifying the needs and implementing solutions. She can make arrangements if you need to receive solid professional advice from an elder law and VA accredited attorney. Therese can also connect the family to private and public resources to pay and deliver professional services necessary to preserve the client’s assets, dignity and quality of life.
We cannot direct the wind,                        
          but we can adjust the sails.

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